Solfeggio Sexy

Brand Story 

I used to go to the gym, grocery store, class, the mall, the movies, pretty much everywhere I could think of and feel disconnected from myself.  I saw myself as less than and struggled to feel ok within my own body.

Then I realized, my mind and my imagination is everything. This is the 1 law of the universe that is split 7 ways, representing 7 questions you're answering every moment of your life. These questions attach to 7 wheels of energy representing 7 glands in your body called your 7 chakras. Every chakra has a frequency attached to it that comes from the "Solfeggio" sounds scale.  We have played them on a daily and nightly basis for the last 4 years and it helped us to surrender to what we really want and to bare it all.

Checkout our blog for the questions that will help shape you. Your chakras will align themselves based on the answers you give these questions at every moment your existing. Everything's magnetically attracted by vibration.  You become one with the natural order of things.

You change your attitude, you change your vibration, you change your vibration, you change your life. Then you will become 

"An Enlightened master of creation" 


Andrea Anoka & Fidelis Anoka II







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